Distinguished in the field of architecture and interior design in the construction, building and decoration sector since it was founded in 1987, Mim Design Ltd has been providing project and application services to local and overseas clients both domestically and outside of Turkey.

Our company carries out operations through the Project-Coordination Office, with the refined expertise of its architects and interior designers; as well as the Application Office, with its highly-skilled installation and technical teams.

All the projects we envision are brought to life by the dedicated teams of our company. We provide a comprehensive service encompassing a wide range of architectural and engineering requirements. Besides the design and the project phases, we handle mechanical and electrical projects that include the technical services on constructional applications through our partners and subcontractors.

This booklet covers a brief list of our projects completed in both Turkey and overseas, as well as some samples of our applications that are intended to give you a brief idea about our past performances and our future potential.


Mimdesign 2012 yılında uyguladığı bazı projeler link yok.

Turgut Özçin

Born in Istanbul, 1959 he graduated from Private Moran High-school. He studied interior architecture in Mimar Sinan University until his graduation with a Master degree in 1984. He founded Mim Design in 1987 along with interior architect Özerk Ayan. Since then he is mostly involved in interior design and application for the stores of some of the most important companies within the textile sector.

Özerk Ömer Ayan

Born in New Castle, 1966 he graduated from Beykoz High-school with an elektronics degree. He studied interior architecture in Mimar Sinan University until his graduation in 1989. Since the founding Mim Design with interion architect Turgut Özçin. They were involved in impotant projects.

Mim Design Family

Turgut OZCIN (Interior Architect) - turguto@mimdesign.com
Özerk AYAN (Interior Architect) - ozerka@mimdesign.com
Murat DEMIRYONTAR (Interior Architect) - kmd@mimdesign.com
Perihan INCI MALGAS (Interior Architect) - perihani@mimdesign.com
Ersin CANDEMİR (Architect) - ersinc @mimdesign.com
Evrim DURMUSOGLU (Interior Architect) - evrimc@mimdesign.com
Buğra CETINUS (Interior Architect)
Seliz GUNDOGDU (Interior Architect-3D Design) - selizg@mimdesign.com
Irem YENICI (Interior Architect) - iremy@mimdesign.com
Mustafa AKGENC (Site Supervisor) - mustafa@mimdesign.com
Kadir OCAKCI (Civil Engineer/Site Coordinator) - kadiro@mimdesign.com
Serdar TÜRKOZ (B Class of Occupational Safety Specialist-Site Coordinator)
Can SAYILGAN (Site Keeper) - cans@mimdesign.com
Bahar GULHAN (Administrative Asistant) - baharg@mimdesign.com
Semra ARSLAN (Accountant) - semra@mimdesign.com
Raziye GUCLU (Accountant) - burcu@mimdesign.com
Buket GULHAN (Secretary) - buket@idasistem.com
Yayla ARSLAN (Kitchen)
Nihat OZLU (Electrical Technician)
Ibrahim OZLU (Assembler)
Erol AKCA (Assembler)
Doğan YOSMA (Assembler
Hüseyin OZLU (Assembler)
Hüseyin AKÇA (Assembler)
Ferhat AKGENC (Assembler)
Önder YOSMA (Assembler)
Fatih KAYA (Assembler)
Harun COLAK (Assembler)
Uğur OZLU (Assembler)
Burhan BILGICU (Cast-Iron Expert)
Soner BILGICU (Cast-Iron Expert)